About Edgewater
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EDGEWATER BEACH COMMUNITY CLUB (EBCC) is a non-profit maintenance corporation made up of owners of property situated within the platted subdivision known as Edgewater (map). The purpose of the corporation is to facilitate the use and maintenance of community facilities on corporation property—namely the beach area with its improvements and the recreation area called Edgewater Park, which includes a tennis and basketball court and playground. Members also have access to two Cabanas (covered areas) at each of the two parks for wet weather gatherings.



Court Rules

1. The court at Edgewater Park is to be used for playing tennis and basketball only. No bicycles, skates, skateboards or scooters are allowed.

2. Court hours: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

3. Playing time is limited to 1 hour.

4. Only court-type shoes are allowed. No black soled shoes, as they leave black marks.

5. Smoking is not allowed on the courts.

6. In respect for nearby neighbors, please do not have loud music playing.

7. Try not to track in dirt and rocks, as they ruin the surface.

8. We have a nice court here for the community. Let's all work together to keep it that way.


Community Property Rules

TO MAXIMIZE THE BENEFITS of the properties and improvements for every member, the following rules and regulations apply:

1. Only members whose dues are current and their guest may use community club properties. Members are responsible for their guest's conduct and behavior.

2. Do not harass the Caretaker(s). The Caretaker is following the instructions from the Board of Directors. Any complaints should be brought to the attention of a board member in writing.

3. Misconduct by any member or guests is cause for removal from the premises.

4a. Appropriate behavior of all members and proper supervision of children using community club properties is essential for safety and as a common courtesy.

4b. Children under the age of 12 using the facilities without appropriate supervision is prohibited. The Caretaker may use his judgment to determine the appropriateness of behavior and adequacy of the supervision of children.

5. Community Club properties will be closed at dusk, unless special permission is received from the Caretaker(s).

6. When doing maintenance, the Caretaker has final authority on the use of community club properties.

7. It is within the Caretaker's authority to not issue community equipment if, in his judgment, the conditions of the properties are not appropriate for use of the equipment.

8. There will be no pets allowed on community club properties at any time.

9. Overnight camping is not allowed on community club properties.

10. Users of community club properties will ensure that the area is clean before leaving.

11. Recycling is now required within the county. All users of the community club properties must dispose of trash only in the appropriately marked receptacles.

12. Vehicles may be parked only in areas designated for parking. Vehicles cannot be parked along access roads to the beach area.

13. Firearms, archery sets and fireworks are not allowed in community club properties.

Edgewater Board of Directors

MEMBERS OF THE BOARD are elected to serve two years and meet twice a month. (see board meetings). Board members as of July 2023:

Cory Anderson

Vice President
Matt Hoffman

Brian Foley

Janean Moriarty


Robert Leaverton

John Cooper





Financial Secretary
Daria Hansen

Other Members:

Reese Leabo

Steve Moutray

Steve Weir

Mindy Belgiba-Rovira

Lyn Damschen

Kelly Roberts

John Trimble

Matt Hoffman

Ingrid Obee

Jess Reicks

Want to reserve the beach cabana?

John Cooper

Cabana reservations:

360-509-8313 or 360-626-1660


MEETINGS are usually held Monthly on the second Tuesday at the beach cabana at 6:00pm.

Check the events calendar for the next meeting. Everyone is welcome. Please attend and participate in our community!

Meetings are held at the beach cabana at 7 PM.

Covenants and Bylaws

To see the Protective Covenants of the subdivision of Edgewater and how to handle violations, click HERE

To see the EBCC Bylaws, click HERE